Peculiarities and effects of Hauke Nissens relaxation-music

The peculiarities

  • Hauke Nissen has played  all titles on his island
  • Inspired through the beauty, silence and wideness of his island - and the sea and through longtime meditation
  • Quietly and subtly mixed with sounds of his sea- and island nature -like oceanwaves, island - and seabirds, mild summerwind...
  • Many titles are played live
  • Not composed but intuitively played music
  • Through it beautiful, quietly and freely flowing melody - and sound-worlds
  • Hand-made,  natural sounding music
  • The music is licence free
  • The CDs are not available in the music-trade, only  with the musician or in exclusive businesses

The effects of the exceptional music of Hauke nits

  • One feels „like in another world ".
  • One has  the feeling actually to be on an island and at the sea.
  • Through the quiet, natural music flow, the thoughts vanish within short time, and one really dives into inner peace.
  • The feeling of peace and security appears.
  • „I senses a quite strong solidarity and familiarity with the island and the nature ".
  • “One can hear again and again the natural and peaceful sounding  music.”

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