Hauke Nissen and his Music

Recorded live on his island with sounds
of the the sea and the island's nature.
A beautiful, freely improvised flow of music

Hauke Nissen, born 1953 and raised on the North Sea islnd Foehr.

Already in the sixties and seventies Hauke loved to make music outdoors - preferably on the salty meadows along the beaches, the endless horizon and the wide sky above. These concerts in and with nature certainly laid the foundation for his CD productions, thereafter.

The rush of the sea, gulls, island birds, a mellow summer breeze
- this is his "band" playing with him and carpeting his melodies.
In order to express nature's atmospheres in the purest possible way he lays great emphasis on his instruments and sound creations which are then so aptly named "Summer harp", "Fairy Tale Guitar", "Pan Flutes of the Sun" or "Morning's Shining Strings".
Additionally, also the simpler instruments like tenor flute, F-flute
and piano have their expression in his pieces

As much as his love for and his links with nature many years of meditation have inspired his musical style. Hauke Nissen does not composes and does not play after keys. His silent and flowing music is created in free improvisation, the flow of sound of which leading him by surprise. A wonderful example can be heard in the piece "Song of Silence". The tenor flute is played in a tone he has seldom played before. The call of the curlew in this song exactly matches this very tone - A beautiful harmony of music and nature.

Some of the moods that Hauke Nissen is expressing in his
music are an evening sky, a summer's day on the salty
meadows at the beach, midday's silence in the old village at
the dyke, a romantic farmers garden, his childhood memories
still very vivid, the sailing summer cloud over the wide land
and always and again the width of the sea's horizon.

Hauke Nissen's music is a dive into the beauty and perfection of nature. One is being drawn into a world where peace is at home.

© 2006 by Hauke Nissen - Haus 56 - 25938 Oldsum auf Föhr - Impressum