Nature relaxation-music of the islander
Hauke Nissen

Immerse into the peace and the beauty of the island-nature

Depth relaxation through intuitive music

Mainly live played in on his island

Music flows like a river of sounds

Hand-made instrumental music

Sounds  of the beach, the sea, birds are the soft background of  the flowing music

To arriving at  yourself


" His music is a sound-carpet, woven from sounds of the ocean and seagull-tones, flutes - and harp-sounds. One even  feels a healing  solidarity with the nature and itself when hearing his works.

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Hauke Nissen am Strand

Music from the Island

With Nissens music, within minutes one gets in a state where all unrest will disappear . You will deep  relax and  discover new heat and strength in yourself.

To the one, his melodies come from the north, to the other they awaken the impression as they would even live since primeval times in one already. The music is trusted the heart without  having heard it one single time. It is so well that they speak to the original-longing of the human being after outer and inner harmony - and also fills.

His music fills one with welfare-sound and takes one on the trip to the own inner home.


Utersum Strand


17.02.2006 New Website
10.02.2006 Haukes Music in the film production "Touch of love" together with Jan A.P. Kaczmarek
17.01.2006 New CD almost ready: work title: "Sommerlandschaft"
01.01.2006 Bilderbuch Deutschland with Haukes Music on TV

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Current CD

The newest CD of Hauke Nissen. " Poetry at the Sea " You will dive into the peaceful, pleasant nature-moods of the atmosphere of one island

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Shopping comfortably from at home. Order yourself the unique music of Hauke Nissen. You will be enthusiastic.

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In our small store “Art & Weise”in Oldsum I will lead you into my world of music and you will find some other beautiful presents.

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