Natural Relaxation Music from the Island and the Sea

"His music is a sound carpet, woven from flute and harp tones, the rush of the sea and the sounds of the seagulls. Listening to his works one is feeling a healing harmony with nature and oneself."
ADAC Travelmagazine

"A straight combination of nature and sound marks this wonderful, freely improvised music. A notably well done mix!"

"It are the silent days on the island Hauke Nissen had in his ear while recording his new relaxation music. The mellow rolling of the waves, the width of the beach, the sunset on the horizon. Music like a vacation."

Die wonderful music invites to a healing and relaxing voyage to the sea. It suites your own relaxation as well as backing phantasy voyages or massages respectively energetic excercises. A positive resonance is noted from medical and pedagogical staff. Nurses, therapists, teachers and doctors are the "professional" listeners.

"A spherical, relaxing music accompanied by strings and mellow guitars into which Hauke Nissen puts everything his island home is providing. Without any technical ado. Nissen's flowing music is like vacation - You never get enough.

Süddeutscher Rundfunk "Samstagsmagazin"
SWR1 "Inselimpressionen"

NTV "Lebensart"
SWR3 "Inseln der Welt"

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